Pain & Gain Living Billboard Stunt

To celebrate the DVD/Blu-ray release of Paramount's PAIN AND GAIN, Paradigm Shift created a "living billboard" on the famed Sunset Strip in Hollywood, featuring a team of buff bodybuilders working out during key commuter hours for the three days leading up to the availability date. A true "traffic stopper," the publicity stunt resulted in excellent media coverage and viral on-line coverage via social media sites. A highlight was the appearance of one of the stars of the film, Bar Paly, who participated in press interviews as the bodybuilders looked on.

Life of PI 3D Chalk Art Publicity Stunt

Fox wanted to make a big, splashy statement in a high traffic location for the Blu-ray release of their film, "Life of PI." Paradigm Shift answered the call by engaging the incredibly talented 3D chalk artist, Tracy Lee Stum to create an original work based on a key scene from the film at the famed L.A. Live Plaza in downtown Los Angeles.  Created over several days and filmed in time lapse, the activation was teased online for fans and drew amazing crowds wanting to interact with the drawing and share on social media.

Peter Pan 45th Anniversary Skydiving Stunt

To celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Disney's Peter Pan, Paradigm Shift created a publicity stunt that received global media attention.  45 skydivers, dressed in green tights, boarded a plane singing "We Can Fly!  We Can Fly" as they flew over the London Bridge in Lake Havasu, Arizona.  Once they reached altitude, they jumped out of the plane and formed two giant "P's" in the air, filmed by a team of skydiving photographers.  After breaking formation, they were filmed landing on a giant branded target adjacent to the bridge.  The stunt was a massive success, viewed around the world. 

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